acrosome cap

acrosome cap

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  • Acrosome reaction — During fertilization, the acrosome reaction is the reaction which occurs in the acrosome of the sperm as it approaches the egg. The acrosome is a cap like structure over the anterior half of the sperm s head.As the sperm approaches the zona… …   Wikipedia

  • acrosome — A caplike organelle or saccule derived from the golgi that surrounds the anterior two thirds of the nucleus of a sperm cell. Within this cap are enzymes that are thought to facilitate entry of the sperm through the zona pellucida. [acro + G. soma …   Medical dictionary

  • Acrosome — In spermatozoa (also known as sperm/sperm cell) of many animals, the Acrosome is an organelle that develops over the anterior half of the sperm s head. It is a cap like structure derived from the Golgi apparatus. Acrosome formation is completed… …   Wikipedia

  • acrosome — a cap over the nucleus of spermatozoan heads having enzymes involved in sperm penetration of the egg and possibly fusion of egg and sperm. Absent in most Teleostei …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • acrosome — n. [Gr. akros, tip; soma, body] A cap like structure investing the front part of the sperm head allowing penetration of the cover of the egg cell; formed from Golgi material …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • acrosomal cap — acrosome …   Medical dictionary

  • head cap — the double layered caplike structure over the upper two thirds of the acrosome of a spermatozoon, consisting of the collapsed acrosomal vesicle …   Medical dictionary

  • Fertilisation — This article is about fertilisation in animals and plants. For fertilisation in humans specifically, see Human fertilization. For Soil improvement, see Fertiliser. Conceive redirects here. For the health magazine, see Conceive magazine. For… …   Wikipedia

  • Spermiogenesis — is the final stage of spermatogenesis which sees the maturation of spermatids into mature, motile spermatozoa.PhasesThe process of spermiogenesis is traditionally divided into four stages: the Golgi phase, the cap phase, the acrosomal phase, and… …   Wikipedia

  • sperm — sperm1 /sperrm/, n., pl. sperm, sperms for 2. 1. semen. 2. a male reproductive cell; spermatozoon. [1350 1400; ME sperme < LL sperma < Gk spérma seed, equiv. to sper (base of speírein to sow seeds) + ma n. suffix of result] sperm2 /sperrm/, n …   Universalium

  • Cell nucleus — HeLa cells stained for the cell nucleus DNA with the Blue Hoechst dye. The central and rightmost cell are in interphase, thus their entire nuclei are labeled. On the left, a cell is going through mitosis and its DNA has condensed ready for… …   Wikipedia

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